Thursday, April 17, 2008

Naked Face

I suppose it is in bad form to scream (just a little) upon seeing one's husband after a long day at work. I did just that yesterday. It wasn't really my fault though. He shaved. I have never seem him without a beard or goatee and we've been married twelve years. A little warning would have been nice.

I sent off a check to Living Beyond Breast Cancer today. I was a little late getting it out this time, I usually try to do it as soon as I close the books each quarter.

One of the nice things about these donations is being able to do them in honor of someone. The woman who owns Millea Furnishings, Anna, is a survivor. She used to be in the studio right across from us until she moved to St. Louis. We are both early birds so we would have coffee together most mornings before we started in on our workdays. St. Louis is where her family is, and the move made sense, but I sure do miss her.


Anonymous said...

Beth - good for you! My daughter is a recent survivor. We all need to do everything we can to help beat beast cancer in our lifetimes. Best to you - Betsy @ cey

Jo Anne W-M said...

My husband has done this beard thing to me about 3 times since I have known him. Twice he took off the mustache as well. I just don't like it. My immediate response has been "Grow it back!".