Friday, July 11, 2008


Today was a good mail day. We got a big (for us) shipment of HiyaHiya needles. We've been really liking them. There's even a little 9" circular for knitting socks. I've always been a fan of the double points, but I think I need to give this a try.

It's far too easy for me to get stuck in the rut of "I've always done it this way" and not explore my options. Another great example of that is that I still gravitate towards knitting sweaters on straights when there are so many compelling reasons to use circs. You'd think that someone who hates seaming as much as I do would be all over that wouldn't you? I never claimed to be the brightest crayola in the box.

In knitting news around here, Caitlin just finished a pair of knee socks of her own design. They're knit from an organic cotton/wool blend. She was just binding off the second sock when I was taking the photo and I was too impatient to wait. They are identical twins. Sometimes when I am doing stripes in socks I do fraternal twins. It's just a matter of how I'm feeling that day.

I wonder how the percentages would break down of people who love/hate the idea of their socks not matching exactly?I'm happy either way, but I know from peeking at message boards that it drives some people crazy. There's just something in
imperfection that appeals to me. Maybe it gives me permission to accept imperfections in myself. I dunno.

We're sending out the first shipments of the new colors that we introduced at TNNA last month today. It's always exciting when they go out into the world. I sure hope you like them.


Tracy Motorsports said...

Socks that don't match exactly aren't imperfection - they're individual, unique, interesting!

Ellen-Mary said...

I don't mind socks that don't match. I think it's part of the charm of handknits. As for the percentages I've gotten the same impression from bloggers that you have: it drives many people crazy.