Monday, February 23, 2009

Knitting Needle Bracelets

We are not always on the ball when it comes to unpacking the crate when it returns from TNNA. We get the important stuff like yarn and models out right away, but sometimes office supplies and its ilk can wait quite awhile before we get to it.

Imagine my delight when I found these last week nestled in amongst the paper clips and rubber bands. Aren't they great?! I'm a sucker for anything vintage and anything to do with knitting. These fit the bill on both counts so I count them as a triple win. My good friend Tonni gave them to me right off her arm when I complimented her on them. She told me they are from Australia so I gave a quick peek at Etsy today and found them there.

I can't really wear them when I'm dyeing yarn because they get tangled, but they're great for out about town. I was at a cocktail party Friday night where I didn't really know very many people and they turned out to be a nice ice breaker.

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Anonymous said...

Those are so kewl!