Monday, February 16, 2009

Shameless Promotion

My husband is an incredibly talented artist. I love his pen and ink work and pencil drawings the best but he does some great painting too. He put a few things up on Etsy the other day and I thought you all might like this one as much as I do. I'm a sucker for pin-up art. Add some yarn to the equation and it's all over as far as I'm concerned.

He's happy to take commissions if you have something in mind. He likes talking to people about what they envision and rendering it onto paper.

He just finished a "character drawing" for a client that plays Dungeons and Dragons. The client described his character and then Michael did a pen and ink of it. I know I'm biased, but it was really good. I had to giggle a little listening to this man gushing over how well Michael had brought "Monster", his half orc, to life. He even put it on his Iphone and desktop at work. Gotta love it.


JelliDonut said...

This would make a fabulous tee-shirt!

Suna Kendall said...

Agree with JellyDonut. I also love the witches. Your husband is what my teen son hopes to be when he grows up--I'll be sure to share the images.

Marnie said...

Wowza! He's a talented man, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Lovely--you should have this hanging in your office.