Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday blahs

I've had a tough time getting going today and there's no good reason for it. I was in bed plenty early last night, slept well, took a short run this morning, the sun is's all good But I just feel like I've been dragging around all day. I hate days like this. Tomorrow will be better.

Here's a quick shot of Emily wearing her finished shrug. It's one of Stefanie Japel's creations.

Emily has two or three shrugs that really look great on her. It's not usually a go-to shape for me, but I'm wondering if I should reconsider.

I finished up most of the knitting on a really simple baby cardigan out of Shepherd Sport over the weekend. I need to find a button and do something with the placket and collar. I'll probably just do a little crochet thing.

I want to get another baby project on the needles. I'm trying to decide between Shepherd or Green Line. My practical side says Shepherd because it's super wash and will make the new mother's life easier. Then there's another voice that tells me that I should go with the Green Line since it's organic. What do you think??


grumperina said...

Wow, Emily looks fantastic in that color, and in that style! I wish I looked that good in shrugs :)

Anonymous said...

I vote for shepherd- it will end up in the wash not matter what!

Diane Soucy