Monday, April 27, 2009

Chapeau et chaussettes

Oh sure. You actually want to SEE how that outfit with the boot turned out. How pretty the hat and coordinating socks I mentioned on Friday looked once I put them all together. Ummmm....well....I'm not going to be able to show you pics from last Saturday night because there was a camera malfunction. I'll let you talk to my husband about that part.

I can however, show you the dress, hat and socks and let your imagination go from there.

Here's a little better shot of the sock and hat. I was really happy with how nicely my Margo sock in Rockwell coordinated with the hat.

After Friday's post, a couple of people also asked if we were in the old Boye needle company building. Unfortunately, we are not. It's right across from us though. How wonerful would it have been to have Lorna's Laces creating yarn in the very place that once housed an industry staple like Boye? Almost gives me shivers.

We're in the Littell building. They manufacture coils and the like. They're out in the suburbs now. I'm sure they are a very nice company and I am trying not to be biased, but somehow coils aren't quite as interesting as knitting needles.


Yarn Princess said...

I love the colors together! I think you managed to deal with it well. :)

Robin said...

yup the hat and sock added a certain je ne sais qua!