Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Things

There's been loads of baby knitting around these parts lately.

Once it has two sleeves and some buttons, this beauty is going off to Steph's impending nephew. It's Knitting Pure and Simple's Babies Neckdown Cardigan, #982.

The baby is due this summer. His older brother calls him either Batman or Cargo. Cargo seems like a pretty sophisticated concept for a four year old to me. Especially when he's referring to a pregnancy.

This cute little dress is a design of Amanda's making. It's for her brother's brand new daughter, Gracie. And I mean new. Girl arrived on Tuesday.

It's made from a single skein of Shepherd Sport. So, it's a nice quick knit and oh-so-cute.

Last up is the back of a pullover I'm working on using our Shepherd Worsted in Chocolate and Cranberry. It's going out to an undisclosed recipient.

It's from Wee Knits, a Mags Kandis book that I've had for years. The patterns are timeless and I find myself returning to if often for gifts for special friends.

What is it about knitting for babies that is so appealing?

There's a whole group of answers that revolves around the fact that the objects are small.

1) They knit quickly so you get (almost) instant gratification.

2) The size makes tasks you might find distasteful like weaving in ends or sewing pieces together less unpleasant. I mean really, the seams are only 6 inches long.

3) It's easier to tackle a new technique because even if you don't like it, you haven't committed to a queen size afghan.

4) You can experiment with wild colors and crazy design elements because the person wearing it cannot object. (OK that's not so much about small, but it's still true.)

But I think there's more to it than size. Knitting for babies is about embracing potential. After all isn't that what a baby is, a darling bundle of what-might-be? S/he could grow up to be President, cure cancer, find the secret to world peace.

No less importantly that child could be your next door neighbor, the guy in the office next door, your best friend. All those possibilities wrapped up in a convenient, easy to carry package. What more could the world ask for?

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