Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two donations

As many of you know, we take 20% of our sales of Flamingo Stripe Shepherd Sock yarn and donate it to a different breast cancer charity every quarter. This time around we made two donations.

Before you get to thinking that we're being all fancy or anything, I need to make a little confession: I didn't do one at the end of the year. We just didn't sell much Flamingo Stripe during the fourth quarter and the money didn't seem like it was enough.

I know that every little bit helps and that I shouldn't make value judgements on the worth of a gift. But things often happen for a reason and this was one of those times. It turns out I have two good choices for donations right now. And I feel better about the dollar amount they each get. So win-win.

The first is sponsoring a walker for Avon's Walk for a Cure. I follow the blog that Sheri from The Loopy Ewe writes. She's mentioned that one of her crew has been in the hospital a couple of times recently so I asked Sheri to find out if Susan had somewhere she'd like to see the money go. She asked that it go to support her SIL's walk.

The second donation cuts a little closer to home. While we were away, Michael's aunt lost her battle with breast cancer. She'd been doing very well for a couple of years and went down hill very quickly. This is the first time that one of our donations has been "in memory of" rather than "in honor of".

Please join me in lifting a glass or mug of your beverage of choice to Aunt Rosemarie.

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Ellen-Mary said...

Here's to Aunt Rosemarie!