Friday, July 31, 2009

Dye for Glory Contest

Tomorrow is the last day of the the Dye for Glory contest. We're pretty darn proud of the colorways we put together. If you are on Ravelry, please take a minute to vote.

For the time being, the only place you'll be able to get any of these colorways is at Sock Summit. We'll make the popular ones available at your LYS later this fall. Let me know which ones you'd like.

We entered in nine categories. Some of them were right up our alley, like Painted and Dipped. Others required a little more interpretation. We had fun with that and came up with some techniques that were new to us like in Primary and Out of the Box.

When it came time to name these colors, we took a detour from our usual scheme. Often, we name colors after locations that have a connection somehow to Lorna's Laces. For example, I used to live on Bittersweet Place, the studio is in the Ravenswood neighborhood so we have colors named Bittersweet and Ravenswood. We don't always name things that way, but it gives us a starting point.

For the contest, we decided to have a little more fun. We worked with a "Monster and Event" framework. You'll see what I mean when you read the names.

Watercolor Category: Hydra Pool Party

Pooler: Zombie BBQ

Mosaic: Vampire Tea Party

Painted: Frankenstein's Cotillion

Dipped: Hobgoblin Hoedown

Primary: Medusa's Masquerade

Shaded Solid: Ghoul's Gala

Out of the Box: Nightmare's Night Out

Random Stripes: Lorna's Lazers (This name is not Monster Event. It's the name of our imaginary bowling team.)

As biased as I want to be here, picking a single favorite in many categories is going to be really hard. The beauty of the colors is astounding. I guess the best way to remedy that is can buy as many as you want!

P.S. It's my blogiversary. Two years. I suppose I should have done a post looking back and waxing poetic. Maybe next year.


Matt said...

The names are almost as much fun as the colors. Kudos all!

Anonymous said...

If you made a shirt that said "I make things with pretty string" I would buy it!!!

Bev said...

Happy blogiversary! Your new colors are wonderful, but I think Frankenstein's Cotillion is my favorite. Would love to see that one at The Loopy Ewe!

Holly said...

I am crazy about Zombie BBQ (and I voted for it!) I hope to be seeing it around!

sonnett said...

Favorites are definitely Zombie BBQ, Frankenstein's Cotillion, and Hobgoblin Hoedown...but would love to see all of these at my LYS ^_^

Unknown said...

Hydra Pool Party and Vampire Tea Party are my favorites--I voted for them. Please make these available so I can buy them!

mhardersen said...

I just love Vampire Tea Party and Zombie BBQ...although, they are ALL beautiful!! I just love the names!!