Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Cuteness V

We're still all full of fantastic knitted monsters. This is Frances and her Mr. Bunny Nugget. Rebecca Danger does such fun stuff.

This particular Frances is a bit shy. She never goes anywhere without her Mr. Bunny Nugget. He is a very nice Mr. Bunny Nugget and is happy to accommodate her whims. He e has never been seen out and about on his own. (Like some other trampy MBN we hear about. Just sayin'.)

They're both knit in our Shepherd Bulky. Frances is in a custom color that Sam created for herself. MBN is in Frankenstein's Cotillion, one of our Sock Summit colors.


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Unknown said...

Love the monster!
I'm wondering if you can help out with a vest pattern for Shepherd Worsted. Or maybe a guidance for yardage for a size 18 female? Thanks so much!! I am LOVING my wool--making a beret!!!