Wednesday, August 26, 2009

World View

I think my view of the world might be getting just the tiniest bit narrow. When Judy, from the airport, asked me what I was working on, I said "Milkweed". Not "A shawl" but "Milkweed". It didn't occur to me that not everyone knows what a Milkweed is.

Certainly here at Lorna's Laces we all know exactly what it means to be making a Jaywalker or a Clapotis. There's no need to explain Tempest or Monkey Socks. But there are some people in the world, even knitters, that don't have the Ravelry and pattern libraries committed to memory. I guess as occupational hazards go, this one isn't so bad.

Another thing that has been firmly ingrained in my psyche is color names and numbers. Motherlode is 74. Number 509 is Satsuma. The other day I stopped reading on page 142 of a novel and rather than dog ear the page, I used Buck's Bar, color 142 to help me remember where I needed to pick back up.

I haven't gone so far as using color numbers to pick Lotto numbers. Yet.

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sandi said...

I think that would be brilliant! Pick a favorite color combination and use the color numbers to buy a Lotto ticket. It's as good a system as any.