Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where'd It Go?

Have you ever had a knitting needle vaporize? It happened to me last week on the Megabus to Madison, WI. I was happily knitting away on my Vineland Mittens and I dropped one of my double points. And it disappeared. Vanished. Poof. Into thin air.

I immediately jumped up to look for it and it just wasn't there. I looked under the seat, between the seats, in the row in front of me, in the row behind me. I even woke up the man two rows back. He looked sneaky. No needle.

I guess it's in the same place that single socks go. I have a vision of of an alternate universe that has a big ball of string as its center and gravitational force. And floating all around it are the world's lost things. In additional to my needles and all those socks, you'll find the car keys you lost in 1984. They are hanging out with your favorite pen, sunglasses, lots of loose change and a plethora of hair ties, You'll also find those earrings you snitched from your mom's jewelry box when she specifically told you you couldn't borrow them. (Yes, she found out.)

Fortunately for my knitting, I was working with five needles rather than four, so I was able to shift things around and continue on my merry way.

We had a conversation here not long ago about the merits of using four or five needles when working in the round. For me, it's not a clear cut decision. It depends on the project. For the Vineland Mittens, I definitely prefer five.

Even with the needle shortage, I was able to finish these yesterday. They're still a bit damp, but I'm classifying them as an FO anyway.


Tanya said...

Damp or not, they are GORGEOUS!

Allyson said...

I hate that! I've got three dpns in every size. Three. When I start a project that needs five needles in size four I have to ask myself, will I use two size fives and three size threes and hope it evens out? Three size fours, one size five, and one size three?

I need to glue them to my fingers :)

Susie said...

I found a stitch marker between my boobs the other day. Don't ask.
Gorgeous mitts!

Bobbi said...

Better a needle vanish than a single mitten or sock!

janna said...

Did you check that little crevice along the aisle? There was probably a little crevice along the wall, too. I lost a DPN in one of those on a plane once. I had to wait until we landed so I could get down on the floor and lift it out with tweezers1