Thursday, February 18, 2010


Remember way back in December when I started doing a blog post about each of our yarns? I got through two of them, Angel and Bullfrogs & Butterflies, before I got sidetracked. So, it's time to get back at it.

Today's yarn is Fisherman. Fish is a nice 4 ply worsted weight wool yarn. It comes in giant 8 oz, 500 yard skeins and knits up at about 5 sts/in on US 8's. I'd characterize it as a workhorse type of yarn.

Fisherman has something of a mind of its own when it comes to dancing with the dye. While there are days it's frustating, it's also what makes it look so pretty all knit up. You can see from these pictures of Ann Weaver's Bluebird Sweater how it creates subtle variations of color, this is 16ns Charcoal, one of our nearly solid colorways.

Here's a quick piece of Lorna's Laces trivia: We call our non-variegated colors "nearly solids". We can't create true solids because we do everything by hand. The color numbers for our nearly solids all with the suffix "ns" to distinguish them from out multicolors. So we have 16ns Charcoal, 45ns Cranberry, 25ns Mint and so on.

Another thing about Fisherman is that it's a good felting yarn. A few years ago I made my husband a pair of slippers for his birthday. I'd show you a picture but the last time they were seen was in a hotel room in Napa Valley. I'm not bitter.

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woolwoman said...

I have 4 skeins of Fisherman I have been hoarding for just the right project. It is in Butterscotch a great color - i'll have to check for the NS thing - good to know. maybe in honor of your blog post feature of it - I should get it out this weekend and at least do a gauge swatch - I had previously picked an Alice Starmore gansey for this yarn.