Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good Day/Bad Day

Today is one of those very best kinds of days and very worst kinds of days all rolled into one.

The very best parts:

1) My brother is coming for the weekend.

2) Stitches Midwest opens.

3) Carl and Eileen from Bijou Basin Ranch stopped by the studio.

The very worst parts:

1) The house needs to be clean and I think he expects sheets on the bed.

2) Stitches Midwest is here and I need to be in two places at once.

3) There is no bad here. Carl and Eileen are all good parts. (Did you know they have an Irish Wolfhound named Bear? Not a Great Dane, but still.)


Aidan said...

Sheets are easy. And just remember, very few people visit to observe your housekeeping. Except maybe your mother in law.

My Beloved wants an Irish Wolfhound...she'd like to name it Guinness.

shane said...

Atleast you are forced to clean the house since your brother is coming home. Isn't that good?

Stefanie said...

Is it possible to just quickly clean the rooms your brother would be? I usually skip the master bedroom and bath and office.
You have more good points to celebrate tho!