Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Colorway Names

Here's a recent exchange on the Lorna's Laceaholics group on Ravelry.

amigtov: I was scrolling through the color swatches online while yarn shopping, and I was startled to see that a lot of the colorway names for Lorna’s Laces yarns are locations in El Dorado County, CA. It was so bizarre because I lived there since I was a child, for more than 20 years. My parents still live there. I kind of squealed while reading off the colors to my husband (he just rolled his eyes, lol). Does someone at Lorna’s come from that area?

amallen: Spot on! Lorna’s Laces was originally located in that area! In 2003 Lorna’s moved to Chicago and we started naming colors after Chicago locations.

keeperofbear: there’s a place in Chicago named Zombie Bar B Que?

amallen: Yep! It is right next to the Turtle Rodeo but if you reach the Unicorn Parade you have gone to far!

keeperofbear: geez! i better turn around! I’m all the way down by Robot Overlord!

amallen: careful he bites!!

keeperofbear: got it. staying in the car and locking the doors. :-)

amallen: good plan!


JennR said...

I've been having fun with the color names -- a friend of mine was born and raised in Chicago, and recently moved back after a couple of decades away. As a fun gift for his upcoming n+5 birthday, I'm knitting him a monster (Dangercrafts Penelope) using colorways named after the neighborhood he grew up in and the one he lives in now. (And Zombie BBQ is next on the list...:) )

Lorna's Laces said...

Love it! What neighborhood?

CathPete said...

Hilarious repartee---I better join that group! : )

JennR said...

He grew up in (east) Lakeview, and is in Avondale now....