Friday, October 1, 2010

Just Bag It!

We've had a couple of things we've been working on for quite awhile come to fruition at the same time. Both of them involved Jimmy Bean's Wool.

First is this innovative new shipping bag.

Jimmy came to me last spring with this crazy idea. (Jimmy is always full of the crazy ideas.) She wanted to know what I thought about using shipping bags to distribute patterns. I thought it was genius. We both hated the fact that the bags almost always headed straight to the dumpster once they were opened. We wanted to make them useful. And provide our customers with a nice little "thank you".

The graphic designer who did the art suggested we make them friendly for a three-hole punch so you can keep them in a binder, all neat and tidy. This sock is just one in a series of patterns that will come with your shipments.

The bags just arrived and they are busy shipping orders in them.

I'll tell you about the other project later. It's pretty cool and involves alpaca.


Mary Beth said...

what a brilliant idea! You may see all sorts of businesses copying your idea.

Eddie said...

I love the idea - talk about recycling packaging and distributing fun patterns at the same time.

sandi said...

This is just fabulous!

Unknown said...

Yay! I'm so glad to hear that you like the idea!

And can I just add that the graphic designer was a pure genius? He was able to take the idea and create something beautiful! We are soooo excited (and beyond impressed)!

-Laura (Jimmy)

Maureen said...

So "green" too!

dawn said...

It's an interesting idea! Of course, considering the dirty and somewhat torn condition that most of my packages from the US arrive in, I wonder if the patterns will be legible on arrival. Tempted to place an order just to see how the packaging fares on a trip to Canada :-)

dawn said...

That's what I get for posting before coffee! I guess the bags are *inside* the packages. LOL!