Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Knit Simple Holiday

Dang, pretty stuff just keeps coming across my desk. Knit Simple hits new stands today and I'm in love with these two bags!

They're both designed by Mary Reigstad and require two skeins of our Shepherd Bulky yarn. The bag on the right is in 11ns Bold Red and knit in garter stitch.

The one on the left is Zombie BBQ and is simple stockinette. (You gotta love anything in Zombie BBQ.)I love the way the colors kind of zig zag down the bag. You can see it even better in the close up on their site.

I think if you forced me to make a choice, I'm going for the one of the left because I like bags with flaps.* I'm kinda klutzy and unless things are sealed up tight I have a tendency to lose them.

*Edited: Oops, just heard from the editor of Knit Simple. That's not a flap, it's a scarf. But, adding a flap would be a super easy modification. You'd just have to pick up stitches along the edge in another color and you'd be set. You could even get fancy and add a cable.

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Jani said...

And if it was really fancy, your flap could look like a scarf! Easy mistake to make. I'm SO looking forward to the holiday magazines . . .