Friday, November 1, 2013

The Doctor is Turning 50!!

Having you been looking for a gift for your favorite Time Lord fan? Or are your a companion yourself?  I mean c'mon, Doctor Who is turning fifty this month!

In case you aren't in the know, the whole thing is actually pretty cool. The anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who is coming up on November 23rd. It's on a Saturday this year, just like it was way back then. Serendipitous, don't you think? They are airing it in the UK and the US on the same day. (Clever!)  They're also going to simulcast the program in 3-D to theatres in selected cities. Our Bettie tried to get tickets but they sold out in less than twenty minutes! She might have been a little grumpy about it. (OK, alot of grumpy.)

Anyway, we got together with the lovely and talented Kate Atherley (you might know her as Wisehilda) to create two patterns, Time & Space Knee Socks and Time & Space Scarf. These lovelies are loosely inspired by the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.

Here are the details.

Socks.  Toe-up knee socks.
The pattern is worked toe-up, and written for DPNs, Magic Loop and 2 circulars, as you prefer. Four sizes, finished foot circumferences 7 to 8.5 inches, fitting teens to XL women's.  A variation for calf-length socks is included, too.
Six colors, in rather fetching stripes.  The kit of Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock contains special half skeins of the Shepherd Sock yarn - enough to make a pair of knee socks, or a two pairs of mid-calf socks, one pair for you, one pair for your companion. We're shipping them to your LYS in time for you to have it for the big event. Just give them a call. 
If you've got a Ravelry account, and just want the pattern it's available here
And a Scarf.
Nice and long. With tassels, naturally.
Patterns uses about 90yds of each of six colors from Lorna's Laces Shepherd Bulky. A kit is available from your favorite Lorna's retailers contains special sized skeins, just enough to make the scarf.
If you've got a Ravelry account and just want the pattern available, it's available here.
Or a Shawl. 
If your lifestyle requires a more ladylike or subtle homage to your favourite traveller, perhaps the Bigger on the Inside Shawl? Free pattern on Knitty. The pattern uses our Solemate in the colorway Bigger on the Inside. Again, your LYS can set you up. 

It's good to be well-dressed and warm if you're going on a journey. One of these should be just what you need.


Melissa Santiago said...

My favorite Doctor Who fan!

BCGramma said...

Exciting. However when I click on the link for the sock pattern on Ravelry it doesn't work. Got any ideas.

Ruby Tombstone said...

Any patterns here for the person who crochets? I just bought the kit..