Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Things I Dream Of

1) I dream of taking a bath. I'm one of those people who takes a bath instead of a shower every day. At least I was until we started the rehab work on our bathrooms and laundry room. The workers are doing a great job, but it is a big project and it's taking longer than I would like. The bathtub is in the room, but Houston, we still have a problem.

2) Being warm. The heat at Lorna's Laces has been out since Monday. Brrr....  I'm warm enough if I wear my coat all day, but I'd like to take it off. And the gloves making typing hard.

3) World Peace. (I know that's a t-ball one, but it needs to be included.)

4) A loooong vacation. I think everyone should try and get more than a week away from work. I've only had one of those in the past 10 years. I'd love to figure out a month away, but that's just a pipe dream. BTW, visiting family isn't a vacation. It's a trip, but not a vacation.

5) My 18 year old body. The funny thing is that I wasn't happy with it then either. Some things never change, do they? Maybe I should come to terms with my biology.

6) An extra hour or so in the day. I'm not going to be greedy, I don't need an extra day in the week or anything. I just want an extra hour to hang out with the people I love in the evening and knit.

7) My mom before dementia. The woman who did such a great job of  raising me has been gone for some time. I don't like the new one nearly as well. But I love her just as much. Maybe more.

8) A winning Lotto ticket. I'd like to be rich but not famous. I want to be able to move around the planet without being recognized. In my private jet. Or on my yacht.

9) Coming back in my next life as a dog. A dog with a life like this one.

10) Adding one new true friend to my life every year. We're all moving so fast through this life, staring at screens. Let's not forgot that people are what makes us all rich. (Yacht excepted.)


Angela at Knit Luck said...

Boy howdy! I totally agree with you. Something about this year has me wishing for so many things. I would love a long vacation, and a bath without any children hounding me for something. Right there with you.

Deb said...

Fantastic post. I agree with just about all of it and dream about the same things myself!

Anonymous said...

I also loved this post. My mom also has dementia. It's very hard to watch them struggle, and realize they are forgetting. But fortunately, she still has her sweet smile and laugh and is young at heart. PS - You could also come back as my Golden Retriever, Maggie. She has a VERY lovely life!

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Love your list. I would ditto 4, 5, 6, and 10. And 3. I'd say 8, but since you have to BUY lotto tickets to WIN, that's not going to happen, I guess.

And I really like your unique bathroom tile!

Unknown said...

i have visited this blog a few times now and i have to tell you that i find it quite exeptional actually. keep it up!
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Candice said...

LOVE this list, but I would never have thought you didn't like your body. You looked comfortable in your own skin at Julie's camp. Anyway, I don't think women share enough about their reactions to their aging bodies. It would help us, I think. I only remember my mother telling me to enjoy being young. What does THAT mean? Grrr.

Unknown said...

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