Friday, April 24, 2009

Lorna's Laces is housed in an old warehouse building on the north side of Chicago. The neighborhood is called Ravenswood. It's a great blend of residential, commercial and manufacturing living happily next door to each other.

Our building is pretty special because it's been converted into small spaces for artisinal companies like Lorna's Laces that create a physical product rather than turned into office space. It really hard to find something like this in the city. So many places want nice, clean businesses. If they are willing to accept a messy tenant like us, they expect you to be a ginormous company that wants to rent 5000 square feet or something equally as ridiculous.

The space we have is wonderful. There are 16' ceilings and a long wall of east facing windows to let in the sun. We have two of those banks of windows that you see in the picture. We're up on the second floor.

There's even a roof top deck so we can enjoy lunch outside when the weather is nice. Today was one of those days. It's was in the 80's! It's a little early to expect us to have consistently warm weather but I plan to take advantage of the warm weekend. My husband and I were thinking about a trip to the zoo.

Before I forget, thanks to everyone for their suggestions about how to accessorize "the boot". Because I still have a couple more weeks in it, I chose not to bedazzle or put glitter on it. While it would have been fun for the event, I wasn't sure it would work very well in the rest of my jeans and sneakers life. I decided that the best plan was to wear a bright hand knit sock under it. My dress was black and I wore a beautiful cocktail hat and coordinated the sock to the hat. I received compliments all night long. A few sidelong glances as well, but what do they know about fun?


Robin said...

So where's the picture?

JelliDonut said...

The only good thing about the boot is you can go into the big box home repair places (don't want to mention any names) and somebody will actually HELP you. That almost made it bearable. Almost. I hope the time goes by quickly for you. Boots are a pain.

Cher said...

OMG - is that the old Boye factory? I used to live around the corner from there! Ah, memories.

CriminalMint said...

OMG! I used to work about 2 blocks from there...if I had been a knitter back then, you would have seen me every lunch hour! It is a great neighborhood. : )