Friday, February 12, 2010

100 Things about Me

1) I am 6'0".

2) I have three brothers and two sisters. They are all much older than I.

3) I don't have children.

4) My made up name is Cynthia Dawson.

5) I'm a vegetarian

6) I've been married since 1996.

7) I was born a brunette, but have been a redhead and blond too.

8) I used to be a sales rep for Prentice Hall.

9) I tended bar when I was in college.

10) My father died of cancer when I was 25.

11) I learned to knit when I was 28.

12) I've broken the 5th metatarsal in my right foot twice.

13) I hold grudges.

14) I keep my fingernails short and buffed.

15) I wear a size 11 shoe.

16) My favorite color of yarn is Vera. That could change at any minute.

17) I make a mean red sauce.

18) I've run two marathons.

19) I use reading glasses.

20) I share my life with a Great Dane named Pearl.

21) I prefer baths to showers.

22) I read every night before I go to sleep. And in the bathtub.

23) I have never flown first class.

24) I don't like to ski.

25) I like red wine.

26) Left to my own devices, I'd eat popcorn for dinner too often.

27) I sleep with lots of (7) pillows.

28) If I find a piece of clothing I like and fits well, I'll buy more than one.

29) I perpetually wish I was ten pounds lighter.

30) I walk to work most days.

31) The homepage on my computer is The New York Times.

32) I go to theatre at least once a month.

33) I need a vacation.

34) I have a red couch. With cowboys on it.

35) I like stained glass.

36) I don't like summer.

37) I am learning not to be jealous.

38) I can't keep peanut butter in the house.

39) I drive a Honda Element.

40) I belong to a book club.

41) My mom has dementia.

42) I am afraid I will go blind.

43) I am even more afraid of burning.

44) I love to go to tea at the Drake.

45) I hope I never want to have plastic surgery.

46) Too many of my clothes are from the Gap.

47) I listen to podcasts, not music, on my ipod.

48) I wish I could draw.

49) I have 10 nieces and nephews. The oldest is 44, the youngest is 8 months.

50) I almost always have dye stains on my arms.

51) I wore a uniform in grade school.

55) I was an all-state basketball player.

56) I prefer the caramel dessert, not the chocolate one.

57) I am afraid of failing.

58) I don't think I'll ever have another puppy. Puppies are hard work.

60) My spelling skills have deteriorated because of spellcheck.

61) I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

62) I hate interviewing people.

63) I started smoking cigarettes in junior high. Quit about 10 years ago.

64) I studied bread baking at the French Culinary Institute.

65) I'd like to go to Egypt.

66) I don't have any allergies.

67) I'd rather have art than jewelry.

68) On weekends, I schedule a 3 o'clock nap.

69) My husband is bald.

70) I like to knit simple things.

71) I never wore braces.

72) I have a dinner party at least once a month.

73) I overthink things.

74) I'd like to live in Europe at some point.

75) I'm not a big fan of perfume.

76) My mom was a nurse.

77) My dad was and engineer. And a lawyer.

78) I wish I had more time.

79) I try not to have regrets.

80) My dream house has a turret and a wrap around porch.

81) I love fountain pens.

82) I am impatient.

83) I will walk out of movie if don't like it.

84) You couldn't pay me enough to to revisit my teen years.

85) My handwriting is awful.

86) I grew up in St. Louis

87) I listen to NPR more than any other radio station.

88) I love to wear a hat when I get dressed up.

89) I'd rather read than watch TV.

90) I hate taking a cab.

91) I spend too much time at the computer.

92) I require fresh flowers.

93) My favorite color is orange.

94) I wear my grandmother's wedding band.

95) My right foot is bigger than my left foot.

96) I drink decaf coffee.

97) I like cardigans better than pullovers.

98) I have 6 pairs of Chuck Taylor's.

99) I have been knitting more small projects lately.

100) My mac and cheese recipe is the best. Ask anybody.


JelliDonut said...

You had me until #100. MY mac-n-cheese is the world's best. My family tells me so EVERY TIME I MAKE IT. Seriously, my list would have a lot of the same stuff. Six degrees of separation, they say.

SamIam said...

Funny, I was going to say the same thing as JelliDonut said. I would love your recipe for comparison though.

Robin said...

Thanks for sharing. Now besides loving your yarns and their colors I can think of you personally when I knit with them. We are almost polar opposites. I am short, don't run at all, shower, purple, don't understand business and economics -I'm a science geek, I'm oldest of 4, but we both love knitting and fondling yarn- that counts a lot!

Lorna's Laces said...

I start with this Martha Stewart recipe and tweak. That's all I'm sayin'.

punkin said...

yummm mac and cheese.

Chandi said...

Well that was interesting!!

Good post!

Anonymous said...

You're a very interesting person. I'm tall & wear size 11's, too. It's hard to find decent shoes that actually fit here in Rockford, IL. I have found a treasure in Madison, though. . .Morgan's Shoes. Check it out when you're up there.

Lorna's Laces said...

Both J Crew and Nordstom's do a great job with larger size shoes. I try and wait for sales because they can be pretty pricey. Esp J Crew.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check it out. . thanks.

Karen said...

I had such a great picture in my head of a red couch with three real live cowboys sitting on!

janna said...

My dream house has a wrap-around porch, too, and sometimes it has a turret. But always the porch.

Lorna's Laces said...

Oooh, I wish there were three cowboys on my couch.

Unknown said...

i want to see a picture of your couch. I have wanted a cowboy chair for years. So far no chair. I enjoyed you 100 things about you and I would very much like to meet you in person. Thanks for sharing.