Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bored yet?

I am a little but surprised with myself. I am still going steady with the small shawls. Under normal circumstances, my attention span is far too short to knit such similar projects over and over and there would have been a tragic break up months ago, but for some reason, I cannot get enough of these. Hmmm, what's the definition of an addiction again?

I guess part of it is that they are infinitely useful. Having a little something around your neck really does warm things up so they can almost substitute for a jacket in the early fall. When winter comes in earnest, they are a great layering piece either as a scarf for the winter coat or just as an accessory to wear all day long.

Who am I trying to kid? They are just stinkin' fun to knit! The lace provides a little intrigue, the edging is always a bit different, and after you have a few under your belt, they are a nice comfortable knit. Most of the time I can watch TV without a disaster.

This time around I decided to do Jolene Mosley's AeRang. I was attracted to the straight lines of the lace. So much lace is curvy and floral, these angles made me happy.

My AeRang is knit from one hank of the new 100 gram put up of our Shepherd Sock yarn in 56ns Fjord with plenty to spare. Blocked it's 45" x 19".

I'm prepping for a class later this month at Wild Purls in Billings, Montana so much of my knitting for the next couple of weeks is going to be dedicated to swatches for that, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to squeeze in a Xeriscape. Or at least get it on the needles.


Stefanie said...

Awesome color! How fun of you to teach a class. Please post about it afterwards.

kaykatrn said...

lI am on smal shawl number 8 for the year!! Didn't realize until I started looking at the "10 shawls in 2010" group on Ravelry, and decided to count!There are so many different designs and shapes, you can't get bored!

woolwoman said...

I love the small shawls - like you said they are infinitely useful - I am doing Traveling Woman in the lovely Ysolda Red LL SSock - I'm dying to try Honor and thanks for showing the very interesting Xeriscape - I'll be scoping out colors for that cute design. Thanks and enjoy your time at Wild Purl - please post about it - Mel