Monday, September 27, 2010

Honor Projects

We've been shipping lots of Honor these days and I thought you might like some ideas for projects so we've put together a list. It's by no means exhaustive, but we tried to include lots of possibilities. There are one skein projects and multi skein projects. Accessories, sweaters, shawls, stuff for kids. Knit projects, crochet projects. Some of the patterns are free, others you need to purchase. Some our Lorna's Laces' designs, others come from people we like alot.

I think you'll find something here that works for you.

1 Skein – 275 yards

Xeriscape Shawl - Mary Heather Cogar –

Princess Mitts – Jennifer Hagan – “The Knitter’s Book of Yarn” – Free Ravelry download

Rose Red Hat – Ysolda Teague – Ravelry download

Little Arrowhead Shawl – Pam Allen – Free Interweave Knits download

Lyerka Scarf – Kenny Chua – Lorna’s Laces

Ouroboros Cowl – Amanda M. Allen – Lorna’s Laces

Tusculum Cowl - Robyn Chachula - Crochet by Faye

2 Skeins – 276-550 yards

Whirligig Shrug – Stefanie Japel – Interweave Knits – All sizes

Tswirl Tank - Aoibhe Glynn – Free Ravelry download – All sizes

3 skeins – 551-825 yards

Cloud Chaser – Amy Swenson - indiKnits

Sahar Wrap – Franklin Habit – Franklin’s Panopticon

Attabi Wrap – Laura Chau – Cosmicpluto Knits!

Terra Firma - Amy O'Neill Houck – Ravelry download

Faro Easy – Wendy Johnson –

Gabriella Tank – Ann Weaver – Lorna’s Laces – Sizes XS-XL

4 skeins 826-1100 yards

Tweed Baby Blanket – Jared Flood – Ravelry download

Sarabeth - Elisabeth Plauert – Verena Knitting download

Favorites 1101 yards or more

Carissa – Annie Modesitt – Lorna’s Laces

Yoshimi - Jenn Jarvis –

2911 Neckdown Boatneck Pullover – Diane Scoucy – Knitting Pure & Simple

Coraline – Ysolda Teague –

Flared Sleeve Pullover – Melissa Leapman – Lorna’s Laces

Riding to Avalon – Connie Chang Chinchio – Interweave Knits download

Habanero – Stefanie Japel – Vogue Knitting Online download

Angel Bunny Cowl Pullover - Robyn Chachula – Sensual Crochet


CathPete said...

I found a phone message when I got home from work. The honor yarn that I ordered is in at Unique Yarns in Rockford! Yeah. I'm going to make the Xeriscape scarf (or at least try!!)

CathPete said...

Picked up the yarn & did a swatch--so pretty, so soft!