Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Pile of Possibilities

I am heading out to Billings, Montana first thing tomorrow morning. I get to teach a class at Wild Purls. Could this shop be any cuter?

Oh, did I mention that the people there are fabulous too? Julia contacted me a couple of months ago and asked me to come visit and teach a class. Who wouldn't want to spend time in Big Sky Country in September? Please, that was a total no brainer.

We're going to do a few things and I hope everyone likes my scheme. First we're going to do a dye workshop. Makes sense, right? After all, I know my way around the dye pots. I'm going to talk some about dyeing and color, do a little demo and let folks get their hands dirty and play along with me. (OK, I'll bring gloves so they won't really get dirty. I am mean, but not that mean.) Everyone will go home with a one-of-a-kind hank of yarn they dyed themselves.

Then, we're going to get the needles out. We'll look at yarns and samples and swatches. We'll play with texture and color and different yarns. There is a whole world of good when you mix all those things up. Part of the joy of creating is taking them all into consideration in your projects.

The one other thing we're going to do is pick a custom colorway for Wild Purls Sockapalooza. I've created a bunch of possibilities for them and we're going pick the one that Lorna's Laces will make exclusively for the event.

We're only making a very limited number of skeins and Cat Bordhi will be there when you pick them up. I have to admit that I'm not sure which part is cooler...the custom yarn or meeting Cat.

Now, back to getting all of the things done that I've been putting off all week. There are handouts to print and yarn to pack. And don't forget the full-tilt panic mode trip to the Gap that invariably occurs every time I go out of town. That will happen about 15 minutes before the store closes.


Stefanie said...

I love how they stored the shop's yarn in those wall buckets. Nice!
No doubt you'll have great fun.

Jenn said...

What fun! I think the class sounds wonderful.

Marga said...

Hey, not fair! Why don't I live in or near Montana... They have all the luck: the big skies, the nice yarnshops, you, Cat, custom yarn... And here, overseas, we get nothin'!

Robin said...

I wanna come to Montana- never been- Purls looks awesome. Have fun- I'm sure they will love you.