Friday, December 9, 2011

We're Expecting!

We all loved Solemate so much that we decided it deserved a sibling. The ultrasounds have been done and we know many things about this bundle of joy.

1) Weight: 3.5 oz. (100 grams)

2) Length: 9720 inches. (270 yards)

3) Composition: 70% superwash merino and 30% Outlast viscose.

4) Gauge: 6 sts/inch

5) Bathing Instructions: Cool water.

6) Color: All of them.

They told us we can't take it home until we give it a name. Would you please help?

Just like the last time, this will be a two step process. Here are the details.

Send your entry to contest AT lornaslaces DOT net with the subject line reading "New Yarn Name". We'll narrow the choices down to our three favorites by December 15th. Then we'll email a ballot with the top three to our newsletter subcribers on December 16th and let you vote for the winner. If you don't get our newsletter, you can sign up here. Voting will close at 12 noon central time on December 21st.

In case of multiple entries for the same name, we'll use a number generator to pick the ultimate winner.

You're probably wondering about the prize, aren't you? How about enough yarn to make a nice sweater sized project. The winner can pick the pattern and let us know how much they'll need and we'll send the yarn along.

Please keep in mind that we're not Publisher's Clearinghouse. Contests and giveaways aren't what we do every day. I'm trying to make things as simple and fair as I can. You could probably find a loophole to exploit, but let's try and play nice and just let this all unfold for what it, fun, fun!


Ashley said...

You guys are so cute.
Will have a think and be back later with my name of choice! So excited. Solemate is wonderful

LAUREN said...

What about Soul Sister?

TaraMPaine said...

Shouldn't that be Solesister? *Grin*

knitting central said...

tried to send my suggestion to it is saying it is not a valid address and i can't send it. is anyone else having this problem?

Debbie said...

How about SoleFull
or SoleKin
or SoleFamily
I love my Sole

Debbie H
gussek at hotmail dot com

kerrie.james said...

My entry: Wrapture - Keep warm, keep comfortable.

kerrie.james said...

I thought I'd remind other commenters that the 'sole' in SoleMate is in reference to the foot (as in sock yarn). Based on the weight and yardage of this new (and exciting) yarn, I am guessing it is DK weight... something to keep in mind ;)

lisa batton said...

A Chicago Company and it has to be

Page said...

Elysian - blissful, delightful

Very excited for this one. Have some Solemate up next for husband socks! :-)

Aidan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle said...

Given the time of year and the occassion how about something Joyful.


What a fun contest.

Catherine Aliff said...

How about Kindred...a synonym of soulmate!

Catherine Aliff said...

Or how about Kindred Sole!

Catherine Aliff said...

OK - since alot of men like it and SoleMate is very indicative perfect mate - How about:

Mr. Right! (Sorry couldn't resist!)
Just RighT

Amy said...


Amy said...

or rather solestice!

Twolabsmom said...

Since it's obviously not a sock yarn, how about Heartbeat?

NanciKnits said...

Simple name? SweaterMate? Just as SoleMate refers to a sock yarn, this is also a description in a name and so a knitter will know what it is immediately.

Ginny said...

OK. I sent my entry to I think it should be: ULTIMATE or ULTI-MATE

JEB said...

How about Celestial, Star, Cloud, Solar Wind?

Shayna said...

Don't count me out yet, I'm still thinking!

Diane Eskritt said...

Entrapment so we could wrap ourselves in it and never come out.

sweetside said...

I couldn't send a email either. Got invalid email address. Hmm wonder whats up with that. I am thinking since its a dk and would be great for a sweater , how about "my soul- encapsolated"
Meaning: soul: life,heart,spirit.
Encapsolated: contained all inside.
( wish I could figure out how to email the name. Thanks

Lorna's Laces said...

Hmm....not sure why the email didn't go through. We've been getting them regularly since the contest started. Weird. I'll look into it.

Catherine Aliff said...

Do you have a winner yet...we're waiting on pins and needles here!

Lorna's Laces said...

Hi Catherine,

We announced the winner last week!

Sorry if you missed it.