Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Trousseau Shawl

I made it through a month of posting every weekday. Whew! The rules for NaBloPoMo said we had to post every single day, but I went ahead and took the weekends off. I'm living on the edge. Ha!

I don't think I like posting every day. Two times a week feels a little better somehow. It takes away some pressure, but more importantly, it gives me time to think about things and hopefully create a post that is interesting to you. It seems like the past month has been lots of photos and not much thoughtful content. I'd like it to be a happy medium. A knitter can't live on yarn porn (and puppies) alone.

The latest issue of Interweave Knits Accessories will be hitting the newsstands next week. December 6th I think. Included is a shawl that our good friend Miriam Felton designed called Trousseau.

Pretty gorgeous, don't you agree?

Amanda, the office manager here, wore this shawl at her wedding. She's a little unconventional and wore a green gown. Her big day is featured in the magazine.

Amanda, Ysolda and Miriam. Knitterati* at its finest.

Most of us will get married in a traditional white dress, but I like the idea of having an accessory that pops. Whether it's the flowers or a shawl or colored shoes peeking out from under them hem, why not get a little flirty with it?

*Amended to add: Annie Modesitt designed the dress. How could I have been so forgetful!?

**The shawl is knit in 4ns Blackberry Helen's Lace. Where is my brain today?


kristi porter said...

Gorgeous! And as long as we're mentioning knitterati... Annie Modesitt made Amanda's dress! Can't wait to see more about the shawl in IK!

Lorna's Laces said...

Thanks Kristi! Will amend the post.

Stefanie said...

Stunning photo and shawl. I'll need to buy that Interweave Accessories.

Marilyn said...

Shawl is gorgeous. You don't need to post every day, but your dedicated readers (say, me) need something on a somewhat regular basis.