Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New dyes!!

I just got a shipment of new dyes!! Woot!!

They are very different from the ones we currently use and I’m very excited to play around with them. It’s a lot like being six years old and opening a brand-spanking-new set of fingerpaints.

The other big news around here is air conditioning. We’re actually in two spaces here, at least as far as the landlord is concerned. So when he approached us with a proposal to put in AC, he wanted to have two condensers etc in case the next tenant only wanted half the space. We didn’t care how he wanted to configure it, we’d sweltered through four long, hot summers without it and we were happy to take whatever we could get.

So, in mid June the first set went in. Giving us what I like to call “half-conditioning”. Why would I call is something as silly as that? Because then the HVAC guy went on vacation. For *six* weeks. Now, if I ran an HVAC business, I probably wouldn’t take a trip that took me away during the height of the season, but what do I know?

But, I digress. Our globetrotting HVAC guy is back from vaca and will be installing the balance of our system on Friday!!

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