Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Wooltop? Did someone say wooltop?

Marnie asked me to talk about our Shepherd Wooltop. And I am delighted to oblige. In fact, if anyone has any questions about what we do or suggestions about things they’d like me to write about, I’m here for you!

We dye two types of wooltop here at Lorna's Laces. The first is a wool blend that is made from fiber from Columbia, Suffolk and Rambouillet sheep. It spins up into a nice, hard-working yarn.

The second one is a superwash merino wooltop. This one is soft soft soft. We auditioned several different options before we settled on this one. Sometimes the superwash processing makes the fiber kind of slippery and harder to spin. Our test spinners unanimously picked this one as the nicest to work with. We thought it was pretty darn cool that everyone agreed, we don't see that around here very often. Even when the quesiton is as simple as where to have lunch!

Ain't it purdy??

And, here's some of the yarn that was created in that audition process.

Pretty fancy, don't you think?

Now, I need to get that brand new spindle out and get to work!


Marnie said...

*GASP* Gorgeous stuff. You are killing me. I may need to put a few pennies aside and get myself some of those solid shades.

And if you are soliciting blog post requests, I love seeing the various yarns and colorways. The LL site is nice, but you have to sort of guess how each colorway will apply to each type of yarn. For instance, it's hard to tell how the DK swirl will look by the site alone. So I guess I'm just saying that I want more yarn p*rn.

Anonymous said...

We *love* your Merino superwash rovings...it was hard to pick colors, we wanted them all...!