Monday, November 14, 2011

Horse Bombing

While I was visiting Billings, MT this fall, Julia and the gang from Wild Purls took me yarn bombing. Here I am making nice with a horse we'd just finished deorating.

And don't you think the person who found their bike smiled from ear to ear?

The folks at the police station had a sense of humor.

The ones at the baseball field were not so amused...They took down our work within twelve hours.

The entire operation was very undercover. No one knows exactly who was involved.


Linda said...

I seriously was NOT involved in that and no one can prove that was me at the police station. The only thing I recognized was two Medusa scarves.

Wild Purls said...

We want you to hurry back Beth. More statues need covering and maybe this time we can go for a live horse. Remember, there are more animals in the state of Montana than people.

Lorna's Laces said...

Ha! A live horse would be a riot!