Thursday, November 17, 2011

Summerlace Socks

Don't let the name fool you, these socks would be delightful for all but the coldest, wettest days. They'd also be killer if they were a little longer and peeking out over the top of a pair of boots.

The designer, Kim Haesmeyer, told me this about them:

This four row eyelet pattern is super easy and I tell you, you will have these socks off the needles in no time. I know we rarely say "socks" and "speedy" in the same sentence when the yarn is a true sock weight, but these will truly fly. Perfect gift socks for those you have been trying to squeeze in a hand knitted pair but, frankly, life keeps getting in the way.

Aqua is the official color name of this spunky blue that made me happy the whole time I knit these socks.

Knitting for holiday gifts? These could be the perfect thing.

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Stefanie said...

Cu-ute! Yeah, I agree; worn w/boots? Hot damn!