Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yarn Marches on Washington

OK, not exactly. But one of the yarn community is on her way to the White House today.

Laura Zander of Jimmy Beans Wool has been invited to Washington D.C. as a guest of the White House Business Council. Can you imagine?

Tomorrow, she'll be part of a day-long program for attendees to interact with administration officials on a range of issues, including the American Jobs Act, innovation, infrastructure, access to capital, and ways in which the federal government can set the table to encourage job creation. Dr. Rebecca Blank, the acting Deputy Secretary of Commerce, will open the event with a top line economic update, followed by roundtable discussions involving all participants. The forum is the culmination of over two years of Business Forward and White House Business Council roundtables in communities all over the nation.

Laura was selected as one of a group of successful businesses asked to come to the White House and offer non-partisan input on how to help other small businesses flourish and grow in the current economy. “Being invited to the White House is incredibly flattering. Not only does the invitation serve as recognition of the hard work that we’ve put into our business, but also serves to highlight the importance of our industry.

Kudos to Laura! How wonderful to think that a member of our community will be right there!

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kaykatrn said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful reward for all your dedication and hard work!