Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remember Tito?

I introduced Tito a couple of months ago as the newest member of the crew here at Lorna's Laces.

Among his many talents, Tito crochets. He learned the craft when he was in college. There was a big group of theater majors that were looking for something to do while they were backstage. (Besides eat chips!) One of the women knew how to crochet and taught rest of the gang.

This scarf is made from our thick n thin, Revelation. It took two skeins.

Both Tito and the scarf are pretty cute, dontcha you think?

These days Tito does a few projects every year. A couple of scarves here, a washcloth or two there. Working here has gotten his hooks flying again.


Emily said...

Wow, great job Tito! I love me a man in a scarf. :)

sandi said...

What a handsome model. The scarf's not bad either.